OzGst is a supplementary app to help you calculate Business activity statements and pay GST which is both time and cost efficient. Getting started is very simple process. Please follow the guidelines below.
(Note: You can leave the box blank if it is not applicable.You have to use your own mygov account to pay your gst. Please make sure Australian Taxation Office is linked in your mygov account. If it’s not linked you can easily link it via mygov login. )
1. First choose month from drop down menu which quarter you are paying the gst.
  • Jan for January, February and March
  • Apr for April, March and June
  • Jul for July, August and September
  • Oct for October, November and December

  • 2. Check your pay summary from respective rideshare company to fill the gross fare. For e.g.:
    Put 297.59 in the field gross fare in the box of Ola.

    Put 1783.71 in the field gross fare in the box of uber.

    Put 609.38 in the field gross fare in the box of didi.

    3. Likewise fill all the boxes Tolls, Booking fees, Service Fee from the slip to the respective boxes for each month. If you don’t find the box you are looking then you can put the amount in the last box which is named Extra Cost.

    4. You can calculate total fuel cost and put it in the box or alternatively you can use calculate using km? from your odometer.
    5. For phone cost, and insurance cost it is recommended to put 90% of how much you pay if you are full time driver and 50% if you are part time driver and even less if you drive less than part time hour. You can divide the insurance cost for each month or you can put the whole amount in the specific month as well.
    6 .At last click Calculate button and you will find how much you have to pay. You still will have time to edit any category you want. Finally, pay using your card number and you will be displayed with all the information you have to include in the mygov account. The information will be sent to your email account as well. You can request your old data or if you have any problem you can email to the support. Please note that once you pay you cannot edit any field but you can access your data or request it.
    Last but not least, if you have any expenses that you think you need to include, you can always add those expenses and put it in the extra cost box.
    (Email to our support team on ozgst.mygov@gmail.com if you encountered with any problem or have any confusion in the calculation process or to get idea to use mygov account.)